Estate, Business & Divorce Tax Planning

Creating a relationship with a firm that can serve all of your needs includes tax planning, compliance and avoidance planning. Tax considerations exist for all Americans as well as persons of other nationalities with income falling under the jurisdiction of the United States and the State of North Carolina. Literally no one is without taxation considerations.

Coupled with a good accountant, your tax planning lawyer can help you protect the assets most valuable to you, investments in your present, as well as those that build your legacy.

Tax attorneys are not only helpful in tax planning for estate matters, they also help you understand the benefits and consequences of gifting and associated gift taxes, real estate and corporate transactions, and income tax considerations for individuals transitioning through separation and divorce.

In addition to years of experience in estate and tax planning matters, attorney Aggie Guy holds a Masters of Law (LL.M.) in Taxation. Her extensive education in tax related matters makes her uniquely qualified to offer guidance and representation on matters such as:

  • estate taxation
  • complex estate planning strategies
  • business structuring and taxation considerations

Contact Aggie Guy at Earwood, Moore, Carpenter & Guy for your tax related needs. She can help you establish a system of governance that can keep you in compliance with your taxation obligations, while helping to ensure your assets are protected. Consultations are not cost free, but are informative, strategic, and educational.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate and Tax Planning

Planning for end-life matters is becoming more important than ever. Our lives are longer. As a culture we are accumulating more, and requiring more to compensate for changing life-expectancies. At Earwood, Moore, Carpenter & Guy, we can help ensure you have considered all the fine points.