Child Support & Custody

North Carolina has clear guidelines on Child Support. We have calculators that determine what type of support is expected from each parent. If a fair arrangement can be made without a court order, it will be less costly and usually easier on all concerned. However, if that doesn’t seem possible, you will need strong representation in court to ensure your children are financially supported. We will work with you in either situation to expedite a resolution.

Custody arrangements can be made with or without a court order too. Some parents make an informal agreement that works well for them because they do not want the courts involved.

There are two different types of custody arrangements: joint/shared custody and sole/exclusive custody. Then there is visitation, which refers to the time that the child spends with the parent who does not live with them.

We will discuss your situation and together create actions to provide the best protection for you and your children.

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Our Family Law practice is fully inclusive. From prenuptial agreements to post-separation agreements, we are here to guide you through all the legal aspects of marital bliss, growth, transition, and strife.