Domestic Violence / Protective Orders

Sometimes it is necessary to have immediate protection from others wanting to harm you or your family. There are several types of protective orders including Domestic Violence, Civil No-Contact orders and Temporary Restraining Orders.

Domestic Violence Protective Orders provide relief to protect victims and minor children and may also give law enforcement authority to take weapons from the abuser, and provide for temporary child custody. To qualify for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order a pre-existing relationship must exist between you and the defendant. In a pre-existing relationship, the defendant must be someone with whom you are married or divorced, or someone you have a child with; a person of the opposite sex you live or have lived with, or someone you are dating or have dated. The defendant may also be a current or former household member or an adult relative.

Civil No-Contact Order provides relief for victims of sexual assault and stalking that do not have a pre-existing relationship with the other person. A civil no-contact order is not intended for disagreements or disputes between neighbors, friends, acquaintances, or co-workers unless they have sexually assaulted or are stalking you.

A Temporary Protective order is an order issued to protect you until the court hearing.

Please seek immediate safety if you are feeling threatened. We will help provide you strong legal protection the rest of the way.

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