Industrial Accidents

The term “industrial accident” generally brings to mind catastrophes harmful to the public at large, conjuring images of oil spills and refinery explosions. In legal terms, however, industrial accidents are not necessarily related to large scale events, or even to industries like mining, which are universally considered inherently dangerous. While significant risks exists for people working with volatile chemicals, explosive materials and heavy equipment, industrial accidents – as separate from workers’ compensation claims – can refer any situation in an industrial setting where a third party may have contributed to a worker’s injuries.

Many times, accidents are just that – unforeseen incidents caused by circumstances normal to the work environment. North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act provides for workers injured in these types of accidents. Industrial injuries caused through negligence, whether by defective or poorly maintained equipment, improper training, or failure to warn of known dangers, require complex legal analysis involving elements of workers’ compensation, negligence and liability law.

Some of the most serious workplace injuries occur in the industrial setting. Traumatic injury to the brain, the spine, and from burns are among the many risks faced by workers in industrial settings. Industrial accidents in factories, at warehouses, and on construction sites can produce catastrophic injuries to workers. When injuries from industrial accidents occur, victim workers need an attorney experienced in catastrophic industrial injury and workers’ compensation law.

Matters like these require the attention of a skilled trial lawyer. Attorneys Kim Carpenter and Jamie Arnold have extensive experience representing people injured in industrial accidents. Call to schedule a consultation regarding your industrial-related injury today. Consultations are free and fees are contingent on the success of your case.

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